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Diane Parnell, GFWC Warren Woman's Club

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GFWC Warren Woman's Club
Pine Bluff District VIII

Members Participating: 21
Money Donated: $226.60
Hours Donated: 106 ½

In 2008, the president chose a committee of five to the Advocates for Children Committee with one of these serving as the chairman, and another serving as co-chairman. This group continues to serve in 2009. They met to plan the year and to discuss changes of the 2008 programs. The president met and worked closely with the group. The group also met in May to have their reports up-to-date before summer and again to prepare the final reports.

Members: 6 Money: 0 Hours: 20


The club was presented with a recall list from the Safety Commission on items that could be harmful to the children. Some of these could cause choking, burns, and even death.

Members: 21; Money: $2.10; Hours: 20


The club continued to vote to donate the birthday money to the Human Development Center in Warren. One of the members has a relative who is a resident in the facility. This helps us to be informed of their needs. The money usually goes to some type of a monthly birthday party. (attachment)


Because the club had become more interested in the Human Development Center in Warren , the director of the facility was invited to speak to the group. She gave a brief history of the program and some of the details of how the center is maintained on a daily basis.(attachment)

Members: 20; Money: 0; Hours: ½ Hour


The club joined forces with other organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club, Rotary, Potlatch, and the YMCA to sponsor the 4 th Santa Train Event. One member serves as chairman, while nine other members were on hand to help in different positions such as preparations, guarding the train tracks, registering children, taking pictures, distributing gifts from Santa, giving out treats, and cleaning afterwards. (attachment)

Members: 10; Money: $24.50; Hours: 6


The club believes that some of the most precious children live in the children’s home in Monticello . The club does things that will help them feel they are in a normal environment. For Christmas, the members bring gifts to the November meeting, which are later delivered to the home for the supervisors to distribute to ones in need of each items. Each member usually brings approximately one to four gifts.

Theclub has teamed with Cato of Warren for the 2 nd year. In this association, Cato gives the club clothes, purses, shoes, etc., which they have marked off of their inventory. The club delivers the merchandise to the home. This year, the club received approximately $2,000.00 worth of items. (attachment)

Members: 21; Money: approximately $2000.00; Hours: 6