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State Membership Contest

Membership to any organization is the life blood and the vital link to the organization's continuance and survival. To continue as a strong and thriving organization, GFWC of Arkansas needs new clubs to replace aging and defederating clubs and needs clubwomen to recruit new members while improving retention of current club members. At 1050+ strong in 2005, current membership has decreased to 750+ in five years. We MUST slow, stop, and reverse this trend to survive and thrive as an organization.

A new state membership committee has been formed to be there for you to assist with recruitment and retention endeavors. Notify the chairman or any committee member with your needs or questions and the committee will assist you / your club.

At the international level, GFWC has monetary club awards for membership. Many tools and resources are available on line or at the marketplace for membership assistance.

The executive committee values membership and has set new monetary awards for the Membership Contest. The awards will honor new club formation, recruitment and retention. The designated award money will be split in the event there is more than one club winner in any category.



1. Club starts a new federated club $50.00
2. Club with largest # new members $25.00
3. Club with largest net member increase $25.00

     (# new members - # lost members = Net member increase)