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 This International Outreach award of GFWC of Arkansas is presented at the close of the two-year term to the club which has carried a live program in International Affairs. Mrs. Wilson also presented a cup to each of the eight districts to be awarded annually to a club in each district after the redistricting in 1980-1982.



1. No club shall be eligible unless the chairman of its International Outreach Program sends a completed report of the club’s work to the State Vice-President (Program Director) and the District Chairman of International Outreach both years of the administration.

2. The basis for eligibility will be actual work completed in study, programs, and actively undertaken projects as suggested by GFWC and GFWC of Arkansas.

3. The goal of these programs and projects is to become well informed on present-day world affairs involving our nation and to undertake active projects as our contribution to a better world.