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Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)

Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) is an honorary educational society open to all per-capita paying GFWC federated club members. More than 60 years ago, the ESO program became a permanent part of the GFWC Education Department. Through ESO, clubwomen are given direction in planned reading for self-enrichment and personal growth.  Over the years, many GFWC clubwomen have profited from this unique self-improvement program, seen as vital by the members it directly benefits.

ESO provides clubwomen with a structured reading program that is educational and stimulates a desire for self-improvement. ESO goals include:

Members can participate in ESO as part of a reading group or on their own. The program provides membership, awards and certificates, pins, reading lists, and a framework in which to pursue continued self-improvement through reading. 


ESO Levels and Steps

1st Pledge    
2nd Member Read 4 books in 4 categories = 16 books
3rd Star Read 4 books from 10 categories = 40 books
4th Torch Read 75 books from 7 different categories = 75 books
5th Century Read in any categories = 100 books

You can continue to receive up to six Centuries.

These books are accumulative and records are kept and passed from one ESO chairman to the next.

Categories for the ESO Books

American History American History American History The Arts
Biography and Memoirs Business and Finance Classics Literature and Drama Conservation and Nature
Education Fiction, General Fiction, Mystery Health and Medicine
Home and Garden Parenting and Families Poetry Public Affairs
Reading to Children Religion and Inspirational Science Fiction and Fantasy Travel and Geography
Women’s History World History    

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