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District Nominating Committees Consist of All Respective District's Club Presidents
Northeast District I & II
President Janet Robertson
Vice President Susan Crawford
Secretary Carolyn Dietsche
Treasurer Helen Milam
Parliamentarian Connie Cloinger
Arts Chair Margo Lusk
Conservation Chair Torya Fields-Woods
Education Chair Connie Cloinger
Home Life Chair Sherry Griffin
International Outreach Chair Pene Hadley
Public Issues Chair Vicki Strickland
Ten Penny Art/Elementary Art Chair Margo Lusk
Scrapbook Chair Jan Lusk
Yearbook Chair Jan Lusk
Community Improvement Project Janet Robertson
Leadership/Legislation Chair Susan Maynard
Membership/Public Relations Chair Mary Hambrice
Domestic Violence Awareness/Junior Special Projects Chair Marilyn Shearin
Budget/Finance Committee District & Club Treasurers
Credentials District Treasurer & Hostess Club Treasurer
Constitution & By Laws Committee Jan Lusk, Hellen Milam & Connie Cloinger

Camden District III


No Clubs

Forrest City District IV

President Jan Pasley
President-Elect Sandi Tarter
Secretary Chris Weems
Treasurer Pat Aycock
Parliamentarian Hazel Swilley
Reporter Chris Weems
Arts Chair Pat Aycock
Conservation Chair Rita Farris
Education Chair Judy Foot
Home Life Chair Gail Cox
International Outreach Chair Thelma Shook
Public Issues Chair Sandi Tarter
Ten Penny Art Chair Alecia Paisley
Scrapbook/Yearbook Chair Kathy Williams
Star of Achievement Chair Margaret Zimmerman
Leadership/Membership Chair Carolyn Martin
Budget & Finance Committee Chair Pat Aycock
Credentials Committee Chair Hazel Swilley

Fort Smith District V

President Debbie Hall
Vice President Carolyn Loyd
Secretary & Historian Tina Griffin
Treasurer Debbie Thomas
Parliamentarian Mary Ann Arnold
Art/Conservation/Education/ESO/Home Life/International Outreach/Public Issues Chair Lori Burton & Brooxine Kidder
Scrapbook/Yearbook Chair Mamie Jones
Membership/Leadership Chair Linda McCourt
Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Kimberly McCourt
GFWC AR President's Project Chair Paula Pope
Budget & Finance Committee Chair Lori Burton
Credentials Committee Chair Debbie Hall

Harrison District VI

President Debbie Kehrli
Vice President Cyndi Lindenmeyer
Secretary Phyllis Benton
Treasurer Kathy Wilburn
Parliamentarian Robbie Cotton
Scrapbook/Yearbook Chair Marilyn Beard
10 Penny Art Chair Jean Johnson
Star of Achievement Chair Michele Paden
Teacher's & Nurse's Scholarships Chair Linda Circle
Budget & Finance Committee Chair Kathy Wilburn
By-Laws, Revisions & Resolutions Committee Wanda Fielding & Cyndi Lindenmeyer
Fundraising Chair Pat Kennedy
Membership Chair Glenna Ragan

Little Rock District VII

President Katherine Foust
President-Elect Marion Ferguson
Vice President Dr. Diana Glaze
Secretary Joyce Worley
Treasurer Anita Walker
Parliamentarian Dollie Sims
Arts Chair Dr. Diana Glaze
Conservation Chair Jeannie Andrews
Education Chair Dollie Sims
Home Life Chair Claudia Riedmueller
International Outreach Chair Anita Walker
Public Issues Chair Lynn Scroggins
Ten Penny/Elementary Art Chair Darlene Cree
Scrapbook/Yearbook Chair Paula Coan
Outstanding Club Woman/Star of Achievement Chair Sandy Huett
Domestic Violence Awareness Chair Jeannie Price
Teacher's & RN Scholarships Chair Sandy Huett
Communications/Public Relations Chair Aillene Bishop
Leadership/Membership Chair Morgan Zimmerman
WHRC Chair Kay Osborne
Legislative/Public Policy Chair Jeannie Hutchison
Fundraising Chair KCourtney Stell
Budget & Finance Committee Chair Mary Jane Norman
By-Laws Committee Chair Imogene Gilmore

Pine Bluff District VIII

President Tricia Brown
1st Vice President Robyn Stayton
2nd Vice President Diane Parnell
Secretary Audrey Allen
Treasurer Wanda Loudermilk
Arts Chair Amy Johnson
Conservation Chair JeNelle Lipton
Education Chair  
Home Life Chair Gwen Stephens
International Outreach Chair Megan Curton
Public Issues Chair Meghan Capps
Ten Penny/Elementary Art Chair Marianne Maynard
Scrapbook/Yearbook Chair Robyn Stayton
Domestic Violence/Advocates for Children Chair Phyllis Orlicek
Communications/Public Relations Chair Diane Parnell
Leadership/Membership Chair Clydine Davis
WHRC Chair Lana Flowers
Legislation/Public Policy Chair Laura Essex
Budget & Finance Committee Jane Jackson, Audrey Allen & Diane Fowler
Credentials Committee Chair Glenda Cross
Constitution/By-Laws Committee Clydine Davis, Marianne Maynard, Lillie Joe Gray & Audrey Allen