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THEME: What We Can Perceive, We Can Achieve
PRESIDENT’S PROJECT: See a Need, Fill a Need
Charging Forward 2014-2016
GFWC SIGNATURE PROJECT: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention




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Dear GFWC Friends;

I feel very humbled and thank you for giving me this honor in serving as your 59th GFWC of Arkansas President. I will be following in the footsteps of many dedicated Clubwomen that have accomplished many wonderful things. This is a job that I will not be able to do alone, and I thank the clubwomen of Arkansas for stepping up and doing what is necessary to make GFWC of Arkansas a success.

An ongoing concern for GFWC of Arkansas is the decline of membership. This needs to be addressed in a proactive way. We may need to approach membership in a different way by moving into the 21st century and using multi-media (text, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to advance GFWC of Arkansas. By making possible to send Federation Speaks via email, it could be sent to anyone, including libraries, churches, city and state officials. The outreach is endless. Nothing new will ever happen if the following phrase is not removed from our minds: “We’ve Always Done It This Way”.

I have chosen Shot @ Life as my GFWC International Project. In developing and third world countries most of the children do not reach the age of five because that they have not been vaccinated from preventable diseases. I will also continue the See a Need--Fill a Need. I really love this title because it covers almost everything that you do everyday in your communities.

It is often said by people that “I am just one person” so how can I make a possibly make a difference. There was a lady in a GFWC Club in Heber Springs and her name was Mary Wold. She thought it would be great to give a book to each child in her area that is in the Hippy program. From that it went to being a GFWC of Arkansas President’s project called “Tyson Wings” and there to GFWC International President’s Project called SOAR and was used around the world.

I am looking forward to working with each of your Clubs and Districts. Just give me a call, text, or email and let me know what you need and I will do my best to help. I encourage you to get involved with GFWC of Arkansas district and state meetings. I met my best friend 22 years ago at a GFWC Convention in Dallas and found out that we lived 50 miles apart and the rest is history.

GFWC has become my extended family. We laugh, cry, have a blast, and cannot wait to see each other at the next event.
People that are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do.

Yours in Federation

Linda McCourt
GFWC of Arkansas President

Help!! - the Federation Speaks needs your club and district news, articles of interest, and pictures. Deadlines for submissions are Aug. 31st and Feb. 1st. You may either email or mail items to Linda McCourt. Please help keep our circulation list current by adding or removing clubwomen's names and changing or correcting addresses for the mailing list. Send updated info to Susan Maynard. email Susan

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